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Tomokachi Lore

Deep in the mountains of Khalatsa, lies a mysterious cave called Bargurn. For centuries, it has been guarded by the UKORAI tribe and their mightiest warrior, Tomokachi. With his unique shape-shifting abilities and deadly movements, Tomokachi is the perfect protector of the hidden artifacts and priceless treasures within the cave.


But little did he know that his duty to safeguard these ancient relics would lead him down an unexpected path – one that would take him to the world of cryptocurrency. In this realm, Tomokachi Inu is a promising project that stands out not only for its innovative approach to cryptocurrency, but also for its stunning aesthetic and engaging community-driven activities. 


With a strong focus on building a loyal following and establishing a solid foundation, Tomokachi Inu is set to make waves in the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem. Follow Tomokachi on his journey as he navigates the exciting and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, bringing his warrior spirit and unwavering dedication to the project.

What is Tomokachi?

Tomokachi is a unique, utility-themed meme project that will stand out in the NFT, AI trading bot, and P2E branches. The goal of our project is to unite traders, collectors, and players. The P2E market will undoubtedly change thanks to the ecosystem we intend to create in-game. The assignment will highlight Tomokachi as the hero.

Who is behind Tomokachi?

The Tomokachi team is made up of professionals in the cryptocurrency industry. We have experienced social media, blockchain, and dapp professionals, as well as a mad founder who will pull off a first in the industry. Live like a member of the Ukorai tribe and take part in the Tomokachi tale.

How do I purchase $TMK?

You can support our LP and save money on taxes by acquiring $TMK through our OTCfarm setup on , or you can buy it on one of the numerous exchanges where we’ll be listed. (Leaving Uniswap first)

What is the Tomokachi game?

The Tomokachi game will be an original P2E open world with the Tomokachi tale as its subject. The most intricate gameplay will make this P2E game stand out. You will be able to purchase property, buy characters, go to stores and other institutions, create, earn money, and take pleasure in the ever-expanding world of Tomokachi. The marketplace and in-game Deepness will offer something exceptional in P2E gaming and will be worthwhile to participate in. The Ukorai tribe welcomes all people. Particularly YOU


Tomokachi Nfts have a special use. They serve as the tomokachi NFT/TMK/USDT staking pool’s access key and multiplier ad up. One NFT gives you access to the staking pool, and later on, we’ll give you a 2.0 multiplier for each additional NFT.

Tomokachi Roadmap

  • PHASE 1

    In Phase 1, the Tomokachi team plans to achieve the following milestones:

    - Release the project website
    - Release the white paper
    - Conduct a seed sale
    - Complete the KYC and contract audit
    - Build custom Telegram bots for treasury, yield farm purchase, and NFT minting
    - Use organic marketing strategies on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord to engage with the community
    - Collaborate with influencers in the crypto space
    - Partner with $SAFO
    - Conduct big community contests and giveaways
    - Hold AMA sessions with big groups and channels
    - Get listed on trending sites to reach a larger audience
    - Conduct an IDO-like presale through the $SAFO OTC farm
    - Aim to reach 1000 Telegram members organically

  • PHASE 2

    In Phase 2, the Tomokachi team will focus on launching its platform and expanding its community:

    - Launch the Tomokachi platform
    - Launch staking on the $SAFO platform
    - Integrate NFT minting and stable coin staking into the website
    - Launch the first utility NFT mint and giveaways
    - Launch the TMK-USDT staking pool with NFT utility
    - Launch the treasury
    - Conduct the first treasury vote on the first B2B investment
    - Focus on expanding into the Chinese and Japanese markets
    - Expand to other social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord
    - Release 20 limited edition Tomokachi NFTs aligned towards the community
    - Submit applications to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko once the requirements are met
    - Aim to reach 2000 Telegram members, 1000 Twitter members, and 500 Discord members

  • PHASE 3

    In Phase 3, Tomokachi plans to develop its own AI trading bots, auto burn NFTs, and P2E game:

    - Develop the AI trading bots
    - Develop the auto burn NFTs
    - Develop the P2E game
    - Use real-life marketing strategies such as guerrilla marketing solutions, billboards, and sticker campaigns
    - Set up the Tomokachi web store
    - Launch the AI bot NFT presale and mint
    - Launch the AI bot platform
    - Conduct the first DEX listing
    - Set up arbitrage bots between DEXs
    - Implement an ambassador program
    - Aim to reach 3000 Telegram members, 1500 Twitter members, and 1000 Discord members

  • PHASE 4

    In Phase 4, Tomokachi plans to focus on gaming and further expansion:

    - Conduct a presale of the first P2E in-game characters NFTs
    - Conduct beta testing of the P2E game
    - Give away 10 unique characters as P2E NFTs
    - Launch the official P2E game
    - Partner with gaming companies
    - Conduct the first CEX listing
    - Secure a stall in crypto Dubai/Miami
    - Launch on the SafeOne Blockchain
    - Aim to reach 10,000 Telegram members, 5000 Twitter members, and 2500 Discord members



Tomokachi Ambassadors

Tomokachi Team

Tomokachi’s team is fully doxxed and KYCed, with a proven track record in crypto. The project is being launched with full transparency and honesty towards the community and users.


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