Tomokachi is a unique, utility-themed meme project that will stand out in the NFT, AI trading bot, and P2E branches. The goal of our project is to unite traders, collectors, and players. The P2E market will undoubtedly change thanks to the ecosystem we intend to create in-game. The assignment will highlight Tomokachi as the hero.

The Tomokachi team is made up of professionals in the cryptocurrency industry. We have experienced social media, blockchain, and dapp professionals, as well as a mad founder who will pull off a first in the industry.
Live like a member of the Ukorai tribe and take part in the Tomokachi tale.

You can support our LP and save money on taxes by acquiring $TMK through our OTCfarm setup on finance.safeonechain.com , or you can buy it on one of the numerous exchanges where we’ll be listed. (Leaving Uniswap first)

The Tomokachi game will be an original P2E open world with the Tomokachi tale as its subject. The most intricate gameplay will make this P2E game stand out. You will be able to purchase property, buy characters, go to stores and other institutions, create, earn money, and take pleasure in the ever-expanding world of Tomokachi. The marketplace and in-game Deepness will offer something exceptional in P2E gaming and will be worthwhile to participate in. The Ukorai tribe welcomes all people. Particularly YOU

Our email, Telegram, and Discord are all open around-the-clock.

Otc stands for “over the counter,” where an investor can acquire the token from the project directly for a set price instead of having to buy it on the official exchange (with tax).

In OTCfarm, 50% of your money will be put towards LP tokens and the remaining 50% will be used for OTC trading. The LP is not controlled by the project at any time; rather, it is owned by you, the investor, through a decentralised contract, and you are free to cancel these LP at any moment (with a fee). means that this particular presale is 100% RUG free and absolutely secure. However, there is one significant project risk, and that is a quick sell-off by the investors. At any time, investors can control the liquidity. Therefore, the enterprise need a strong liquidity plan to prevent unexpected liquidity crises.


Other than it. It’s an alternative for ISPO that has never been used in the cryptosphere. We are thrilled to launch a new technology for the benefit of our beloved crypto industry.


Staking rewards prior to launch, 100% rug-free, easy to use, and referral scheme are all advantages.

Since it solves a few issues in the market, our special OTC farm system, which combines over-the-counter trades with a liquidity model, tremendously helps both investors and projects. It offers a simple LP add up together with over-the-counter trading and a contract-specific staking reward mechanism.

An algorithm that automatically picks up on trading and market patterns to make the safest, most profitable, or package purchases is recognised as an AI trading bot. What method and investment the user uses is up to him. The bot will exchange the specified parameters and keep refining his method to deliver the finest outcomes for the user. These bots will only be available with limited-time auto-burn nft access. You have access to the bot thanks to these nfts. Once the nft was automatically burned, your rental period was finished, and your funds were returned to your wallet at the current value of your holdings.